S 133 Jubilee Spirituality: Seeking a Free and Equal Society (2015)


In a world racked by slavery and social and financial inequality, a spirituality based on the biblical ideas of jubilee is timely. Jubilee calls for rest and care for the earth, forgiveness of debts, freedom for the enslaved, justice and jubilation. It is a way of life that enables the holistic flourishing of humanity and nature. 

This booklet follows jubilee as it is expanded and reinvented through the pages of the Old and New Testaments, becoming Jesus’ manifesto for ministry. It shares examples of where jubilee can and does inspire and transform today, offering ideas for action and reflection.

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Author: Alice Pettit

Alice Pettit is an Anglican priest and artist. After gaining an MA at London School of Theology she worked as Youth and Creative Arts Pastor for Malmesbury Abbey, then as Youth and Children’s Work Officer for Erith Deanery, before training for ministry at St Mellitus. She is currently a curate in Sittingbourne.

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