S 132 Praying the Psalms with Jesus: A Journey of Discovery and Recognition (2015)

The Book of Psalms has long been a source of solace and inspiration to Christians, and its prophecies and foreshadowings of the Messiah are widely known. Less well known is the practice of reading and praying the psalms as the words of Christ himself.

This study draws on the writings of the church Fathers, exploring how we can pray the psalms both with Jesus as our partner in prayer, and to Jesus who is the answer to our prayers.
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Author: James Wellington

James F Wellington is a parish priest. He holds a doctorate from the Archbishop’s Examination in Theology for a thesis relating to the Jesus Prayer, an MPhil from the University of Nottingham and an MA from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. He is a member of the International Association of Patristic Studies.

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