S 116 Paradox: Life's Puzzle and Pathway (2011)

Life often seems full of paradox, not least at times of puzzlement and pain. The life of faith, far from resolving apparent contradictions, can seem to reinforce them.

Yet rather than being puzzles to solve, these paradoxes often hold the key to living wisely in the foolish wisdom of God, and so offer a path to living in true faith and hope.
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Author: Richard Rice-Oxley

Richard Rice-Oxley is a retired Anglican priest. He served in the dioceses of Southwell, Durham and York. He was also on the home staff of the Church Mission Society. He now assists his wife who is priest in charge of a rural benefice in East Yorkshire. He has written two booklets in the Ethics series 'Forgiveness?�?��?��the way of peace' and 'Bridgebuilders: Peacemaking through Mediation in England and Northern Ireland.'

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