S 113 Julian of Norwich: Saying 'Yes' To God (2010)


Julian of Norwich, living in the 14th century, describes herself as uneducated, weak and frail. Yet, as this booklet shows, her 'Revelations of Divine Love' has vitality and relevance for modern readers. She takes us to the heart of issues of pain, suffering and evil in God's world, the nature of prayer, the fragmentation of the human person. She gives a resounding message of hope, a challenge to say 'Yes' to God, because 'love was God's meaning.'

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Author: George Tolley

George Tolley was formerly Principal of Sheffield City Polytechnic. He has had a long and active ministry as a Non-Stipendiary Minister and is an Honorary Canon Emeritus of Sheffield Cathedral. He has found in the writings of Julian of Norwich a rich resource of spiritual nourishment and renewal and has shared this with others in lectures, retreats and his writing.

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