S 110 Nurturing the Spirit of a Child (2009)

Although we apparently live in a child-friendly culture, many aspects of children's spirituality as practised assumes that children need others to 'do' spirituality for them.

But a genuinely child-centred spirituality will allow them to be active agents, and could help us to discover authentic forms of spirituality for adults, too.
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Author: Revd Liz Culling

Revd Liz Culling is ordained and tutors at Cranmer Hall. A special interest in spiritual dirction is nourished by writing for the Church of England Newspaper, parenting a three-year-old and recently training as a life coach.

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Author: Liz Hoare

Liz Hoare is ordained in the Anglican church and teaches spirituality and spiritual formation at Wycliffe Hall. She has a special interest in spiritual direction and is the author of ‘Using the Bible in Spiritual Direction.’ Liz enjoys discussing novels, birdwatching and keeping up with her teenage son.

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