S 100 Catholic and Charismatic? Exploring the Riches of the Spirit (2007)

The Catholic and Charismatic traditions are often thought of as being quite distinct. Yet there is a thriving tradition of Catholic renewal.

This study explores some of the distinctive features of Catholic spirituality, and then examines how these are enriched and interpreted by charismatic renewal, and how such renewal has a distinctive expression in such contexts. It concludes by suggesting what a renewed Catholic tradition might offer the wider church.
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Author: Simon Winn

The Rev'd Simon Winn is Vicar of St Joseph the Worker, Northolt, west London. He is a member of the Grove Spirituality Editorial Group and of the Church Mission Society.

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Author: Stuart Batten

The Rev'd Stuart Batten was priest in charge of St Peter and St Paul Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, 2001?�?��?�� 2006, and has now moved to be Assistant Director.

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