R 5 The Spirit of Unity: How Renewal is Breaking Down Barriers between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics (2001)

There has been tension and opposition between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics on a whole range of issues, from questions of authority, through concern about word and sacrament, to the relative importance of Jesus and Mary. Yet the renewal movement, as it has affected both traditions, has had a remarkable effect in bringing them together.

This booklet sets out the contentious issues, looks at how the work of the Spirit has brought a new perspective, and highlights some principles for fruitful encounter. In showing how easily truth is compromised when unity is lost, it throws out a vital challenge to every part of the church to re-examine its traditions.
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Author: Revd Dr Peter Hocken

Peter is Chaplain to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Northampton, and is a leading thinker and writer on the charismatic renewal in the Roman Catholic church.

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