R 31 Real Men, Real God, Real Spirit

For a long time the church has been like the lifeboats on a sinking ship‚ women and children first. What is it that makes the church so unattractive to men?

Without getting sidetracked into theoretical debates about men and masculinity, this intensely practical study looks at the key reasons, and what in practice we can do to make church a welcoming place for men and their discipleship.
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Author: Carl Beech

Carl Beech is Chief Executive of CVM. He is married to Karen, has two girls, Emily and Annie, a German Shepherd Dog, a cat and apparently a hamster. In his spare time he is also one of the leaders of Bath City Church. He loves getting out on the road to speak to men and will apparently go anywhere for a curry. He also loves fishing, throwing his kids around, movies and fast Japanese motorbikes. He spent 10 years in local church leadership and is the author of Spadework and Groundbreaker.

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