R 29 How to Write a Good Sermon: A Working Model (2007)

At its best, charismatic preaching grips us, challenges and inspires us and offers a message of transformation. But at its worst it is awful! How can we get it right?

This exciting and practical study offers reflections from the author's own experience, and sets out the key elements in preparing a prophetic message, rooted in God's word and animated by his Spirit.
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Author: Mark Tanner

Mark is Vicar of St Mary's Wheatley in Doncaster and has previously served on Merseyside and as a Youth Worker in the centre of Coventry. He is married to Lindsay and they have two young children and a dog to keep them occupied. He has been a member of the Renewal Group since the beginning and is keen to see the series engage with a range of networks and perspectives. He also loves scuba diving, walking and Landrovers.

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