R 25 Renewal as Laboratory for Change: The Example of the Church of England (2006)

The charismatic movement has helped transform the Church of England. By creating space for risk-taking and experimentation, it has allowed new things to spring to life and take root.

This is shown in expectations of individual experience, of worship, evangelism, working with others, and to some extent even church structures. Not all is perfect, but there is much to celebrate - and still more to aim for, not least in engaging in mission with contemporary culture.
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Author: Rt Revd John Finney

After 22 years in various parishes, John was Diocesan Missioner, Officer for the Decade of Evangelism and Bishop of Pontefract. He has been involved in the charismatic renewal movement for over 30 years. He is well known as a writer, researcher and speaker in the UK and abroad.

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