R 23 Christian Festivals: Reclaiming a Biblical Theology (2006)


Large-scale festivals - such as Spring Harvest or New Wine - are not just modern phenomena, but have much in common with the festivals of ancient Israel. They build identity, offer a sense of encounter with God, and enrich the worshipping life of individuals and churches.

But festival can equally well enrich the local church without a big investment of time and resources. This study looks at why festival matters and how we might reclaim it as a celebration of God and invitation to others.

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Author: Revd Mark Fraser

Mark is Assistant Curate of St Paul's, Astley Bridge, Bolton and also conducting research into Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Christian discipleship at St John's College Nottingham. Before training for ministry he had a career in marketing and information analysis in the mail order industry. He is married to Catherine, has three children and enjoys cooking, table football and red wine.

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