R 22 Engaging Emotions: The Need for Emotions in the Church (2005)

Emotions, we are often told, don't belong in church life or Christian discipline - these are matters of mind and will. Yet in Scripture, emotions appear to be at the heart of discipleship - even of the nature of God!

In the face of the astonishing neglect of the emotions in mainstream church life, Jamie Dow explores the role of the emotions in discipleship and how we can handle them without manipulation, drawing on careful reflection, using common sense observation and offering practical advice.
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Author: Jamie Dow

Jamie is a member of St Pauls and St George's Church, Edinburgh, and is studying for a PhD in Moral Philosophy at St Andrews University. He had a career in manufacturing and consultancy before embarking on research in ethics and the emotions. He is married to Hazel and has a passion for Indian and Pakistani food.

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