R 20 How to be Fruitful (2005)

Headlines of failing churches can put leaders under pressure to succeed. But Jesus calls us neither to failure nor to success; he calls us to fruitfulness.

This study looks at Paul's strategy of fruitfulness in planting the first church in Europe at Philippi and at his secret of fruitfulness as he reflects on his work at Corinth, and lays out Paul's (and Jesus') pattern for fruitful living and ministry. It blows the fresh breath of Jesus' simplicity through the complexity of modern life.
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Author: Ian Paul

Ian Paul studied pure and applied maths and worked in industry prior to ordination training and studying for a PhD in the interpretation of Revelation. After ten years in parish ministry and ten more in theological education, he now combines local church ministry with academic work in a freelance portfolio, including writing the influential blog

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Author: Revd Mike Breen

Mike was Rector of St Thomas', Crookes, a network church of 2,000 people in Sheffield, until moving to Arizona to be a Pastor at the Community Church of Joy. He is a founding leader of the Order of Mission, a movement of people committed to living out missionary principles.

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