R 17 Developing Visionary Leadership (2004)

Visionary leadership is a gift of God given to enable churches to grow and express the life of the kingdom. But what is involved in developing vision, and what skills are needed to turn vision into reality?

This study, the collaboration of a church leader and a business leader, outlines the key issues, obstacles and ways forward. It will stimulate and challenge, and it lists resources which can help to take your thinking and practice forward.
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Author: Mark Tanner

Mark is Vicar of St Mary's Wheatley in Doncaster and has previously served on Merseyside and as a Youth Worker in the centre of Coventry. He is married to Lindsay and they have two young children and a dog to keep them occupied. He has been a member of the Renewal Group since the beginning and is keen to see the series engage with a range of networks and perspectives. He also loves scuba diving, walking and Landrovers.

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Author: Richard Williams

Richard has worked in the voluntary, statutory and private sectors for 18 years, focussing on helping struggling organisations to develop and thrive. He is chief executive of a voluntary organisation and Director of a consultancy agency, and is currently running a national leadership programme funded by the NHS.

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