R 16 Emotional Healing (2004)

Just as buildings show signs of wear and tear, so life marks us for good or for ill. Yet that is just the beginning of the story, because where there has been emotional damage in the past it may also have been shut away in the dark and covered by 'respectable' patterns of behaviour.

Sue Rose shares perspectives from Scripture and from personal stories, showing how God is able, through the committed and sensitive ministry of others, to begin the work of emotional healing. There is no magic wand, but Sue shares some practical ways forward for those being drawn into this ministry.
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Author: Sue Rose

Sue has had extensive experience in parish ministry, as well as spending several years both on the staff of Trinity College, Bristol, and in the community at Scargill House. She writes from the perspective of seeing many helped to wholeness of Christian life through careful attention to the whole person in ministry, with particular attention given to their personal history.

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