R 14 Person-Centred Prayer Ministry (2003)

Many have benefited from the style of prayer ministry taught by John Wimber. But there is a danger that it can become wordy and elitist if it is assumed that God can only work through the person doing the praying.

John Leach offers an alternative model which assumes that God can speak to and through the person being prayed for as well. He explains how it works, give examples in practice, and shares how it can be a powerful additional tool allowing more people to receive from God.
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Author: Revd John Leach

The Revd John Leach currently works as Growing Disciples Officer for Lincoln Diocese, following 21 years in parish ministry, six as a diocesan Officer, five as director of Anglican Renewal Ministries, and a few months as an IKEA truck driver. He also acts as a tutor at the Lincoln School of Theology and is engaged in Doctoral studies on charismatic Anglican worship. He is married to Chris, whose ministry is discipling children, and they have three grown up kids and a granddaughter.

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