P 175 Trauma: Building a Trauma-informed Worshipping Community


Helping those who have experienced or who are going through profound suffering is fundamental to truly Christian care. But many are unaware of the difference between suffering and trauma, and how best to help those having to endure the longlasting effects of the latter.

This study explores the physical and psychological aspects of trauma, its theological significance in the event of the cross, and practical ways that Christian individuals and communities can begin to comfort individuals whose lives have been shattered by deep wounds.

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Author: Joanna Naomi Douglas

Having overcome her own trauma-related mental health issues Joanna Naomi Douglas is now a qualified teacher working with students living with complex social, emotional, educational and trauma-related mental health needs. Alongside this, Joanna is currently pursuing a PhD in trauma-informed theology having previously gained a Masters degree in this field. She tweets @JoannaNDouglas1

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