P 99 Body Beautiful? Recapturing a Vision for All-age Church (2004)


Churches have struggled with all-age worship. But all-age church is something quite different—a kingdom community where those of every age are involved in worship, ministry and growth. As a reflection of the life of God, this is a church shaped by gospel and Spirit, and one that is inescapably missionary.

Why is it so important? How can we make it a reality? Come and see!

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Author: Kelly Martin

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Author: Philip Mounstephen

Philip Mounstephen has led the Church Mission Society since 2012. Prior to that he pastored a multilingual church in Paris, worked for the Church Pastoral Aid Society and has many years of church leadership experience in a variety of contexts. He is married to Ruth, collects vinyl albums and (still) supports Newcastle Utd.

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