P 95 Faith in Suburbia (2003)

Suburbia is in trouble. What was once a symbol of the good life is now pervaded by a sense that life is happening somewhere else. And the Church in suburbia is in trouble too. This used to be the stronghold of the Church - now it seems impossible to persuade anyone to be committed.

Jane Gibbs looks carefully at what has gone wrong, drawing on a wide range of research. She takes a fresh look at what the gospel might mean for suburban values, and offers some radical strategies to breath new life into the suburban church.
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Author: Jane Gibbs

Jane Gibbs has been involved for many years in adult education. In 2000 she also trained as a Myers Briggs (MBTI) practitioner. She regularly delivers personality workshops to groups in various contexts, including churches and theological colleges. She loves seeing individuals grow more fully into their potential.

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