P 90 Finding Support in Ministry (2003)

All too often Christian ministry is depicted as a 'go-it-alone' affair. Yet the nature of God as Trinity and the example of Jesus' ministry in the gospels shows that ministry is to be mutual, supportive and relational.

But how can ministers, who very often have to work alone, learn from others? This compendium of resources outlines a variety of approaches, from support groups through supervision to learning partnerships, with clear 'how to's for each and resources for further exploration.
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Author: Nick Helm

Nick Helm is an Anglican priest who has offered spiritual direction and training in spiritual direction for over twenty years. He has worked as Advisor in Spirituality in the Diocese of Sheffield and Ministerial and Spiritual Development Officer in the Diocese of Hereford.

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Author: Revd Philip Allin

Philip, as well as his work as Bishop's Advisor in Sheffield, has also been chaplain to the Nine O'Clock Community for the last 6 years, following parish ministry in Oxford and Southwell Dioceses.

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