P 82 Living Forgiveness: Hospitality and Reconciliation (2000)

The historic legacy of the Reformation has left Protestant churches without an acceptable rite of reconciliation of the penitent. And yet the pastoral reality is that many continue with a sense of guilt 'whose burden is intolerable.'

This study looks at the pastoral need for opportunities to express the reality of God's forgiveness, the criteria a rite of reconciliation should satisfy, and what such a rite might look like. It combines biblical rootedness with both sensitivity to tradition and a broad awareness of pastoral ministry.
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Author: Canon Gordon Oliver

Gordon has served in parishes on a council estate, in a mining community and in suburbia. He was for ten years on the staff of St John's College, Nottingham. He now leads a team providing initial and in-service training for clergy and lay ministers. He has special interests in practical theology, pastoral supervision and spiritual direction.

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