P 81 Life on the Dark Side of the Cross: Supporting Depressed People (2006)

Depression is no respecter of persons. It can hit anybody at any time. A spell of depression may last from a few days to weeks, months or even years. The average duration is four months, but one in eight diagnosed as suffering from depression is still ill after two years.

Caring for the depressed can be challenging. This study offers the images of the carer as shepherd, the community as the body of Christ, and the experience in relation to the cross of Christ to hold out realistic hope for carer and cared-for. It will be of interest to anyone concerned for someone suffering from depression as well as anyone involved in pastoral ministry.
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Author: Ali Walton

Ali is the Assistant Priest in a suburban parish in Hertfordshire and teaches pastoral care to people training for ordained ministry in the Church of England. She has previously worked in a UPA council estate parish and has herself suffered from depression.

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