P 168 Towards a Theological Definition of Spiritual Abuse: Ezekiel 34 and the Use of Pastoral Power (2021)


‘Spiritual abuse’ is a term fraught with difficulty—how could abuse be spiritual, and how can situations of a spiritual nature be abusive?

But as many victims can attest, Scripture can be used as an instrument of exploitation and manipulation. This carefully considered study offers an urgent examination of the Bible’s condemnation of abusive behaviour. It also calls for church leaders to understand fully the theological basis of identifying and condemning spiritual abuse, and to seek a scriptural foundation that avoids the attitudes and practices that could lead to it.

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Author: Amy White

Amy White is an Australian who considers the UK her home. She is passionate about teaching and training people for ministry and is currently pursuing a PhD in New Testament and Leadership Theology. Amy lives with her husband in Lancashire and enjoys creative hobbies in her spare time.

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