P 164 Embraced and Included: A Disability-sensitive Perspective on Christian Healing (2020)


Healing and wholeness is an oft-used phrase in relation to the restorative works of the Holy Spirit. But what exactly does this mean for those who live with—or alongide those who have—physical or intellectual impairment?

This compelling study calls for a nuanced and sensitive approach to disability within Christian healing ministry, and a broader definition of healing that encompasses unity in Christ, love for others and inclusivity as deeply healing experiences.

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Author: Frances Mackenney-Jeffs

Frances Mackenney-Jeffs was a teaching fellow at the University of Surrey and also a volunteer chaplain in a town-centre chaplaincy. She holds a PhD in education research with theology and is a trained Franciscan spiritual director and Christian counsellor. Frances is married with one adult son.

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