P 163 Talking About End-of-Life Wishes: Not If, But When (2020)


If death is such a certainty, why do so many of us avoid talking about it?

Articulating our wishes about the end of our lives is one way of ensuring that we take our leave of this world with hope in our hearts. This booklet encourages us to think and talk about our own inevitable death. Speaking openly about our end-of-life wishes can not only equip our loved ones to carry them out—it could be our last gift to those whom we love.

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Author: Susan Walker

Susan Walker is a URC Area Minister in Staffordshire. Previously she worked as a hospice chaplain in Stoke-on-Trent and in churches in Staffordshire and Wolverhampton. She has published several articles on end of life in healthcare journals. She is married to Adrian and has two adult daughters.

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