P 162 Leaving Church: What Can We Learn from Those Who Are Done with Church? (2020)


Growing numbers of Christians profess to being ‘done with’ attending church. What are their reasons for doing so, and what can churches learn from it?

This study explores the experiences of Christians who have ceased regular church attendance, revealing stories of spiritual seekers looking for authentic expressions of faith away from traditional forms of church. It asks uncomfortable questions for those who remain, including whether this could be a movement provoked by God.

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Author: Robin Stockitt

Robin Stockitt has been in ordained for 23 years and has worked in parishes in England, Germany and Northern Ireland. He is really interested in how theology and the complexities of being alive interact together. He enjoys walking, cycling, cooking, exploring new places and bird watching.

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Author: S John Dawson

S John Dawson was a teacher of classics in Liverpool, and then served as a hospital chaplain and Diocesan Officer for Retired Clergy and Clergy Widows. He co-wrote ‘Loneliness’ in the Grove Pastoral series. He has two sons and five grandchildren and continues to love cricket.

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