P 160 The Cross and Shame: Speaking of Atonement to a Shame-filled Society (2019)


God is intimately concerned about the relief of the shame of his people. Never has this been more relevant than in today’s culture, in which shame is rife and yet largely unrecognised. 

This booklet proposes that adjusting how we explain the cross—through which Christ both died a shameful death, and stands in solidarity with the shamed—can release people from shame and into the affirming love of God. With advice for pastoral workers and church leaders alike, it urges us to adapt our missional and pastoral language and practice for a culture steeped in shame.

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Author: Rebecca Winfrey

Rebecca Winfrey worked as a doctor in general practice, hospice medicine and in a mission hospital in Uganda. Since acquiring an MA in pastoral theology, Rebecca has pursued her interests in psychology and theology as a pastoral worker in a church with significant outreach to disadvantaged families.

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