P 156 Mary the Worshipping Mother: Reclaiming Mary’s Motherhood for Contemporary Mums (2018)


Contemporary mothers can experience a range of societal and church-based pressures, some of which might be harmful to patterns of spirituality and worship. As the mother who bore and raised God incarnate, can Mary speak meaningfully to this situation?

This booklet aims to re-conceptualize worship and motherhood in a biblically faithful way, exploring how Mary can be reclaimed as a discipleship role model for mothers, fathers, and anyone who might suffer exclusion due to their circumstance.

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Author: Helen Collins

Helen Collins was the Diocesan Director of Ordinands for the Diocese of Bristol before becoming a lecturer at Trinity College, Bristol with responsibility for Anglican formation and practical training. She studied at the University of Oxford, Kings College, London and the University of Bristol. Helen is married to Simon and they have three children.

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