P 154 Preaching in Times of Crisis (2018)


Preaching brings with it the chance for listeners to pause and be reminded of the promises and presence of God. Never is this more crucial than at times of crisis.

Whether internal crises within a Christian community or the lives of its members, or external events over which we have no control, finding God in times of uncertainty and dismay can be hard. This booklet suggests that preaching can play a key role in bringing hope in the midst of darkness, while also acknowledging the importance of lament.

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Author: Robert Beamish

Robert Beamish has been ordained since 2003, and in Colwyn Bay since 2007, having previously been a primary school teacher. Always passionate about preaching, teaching and communication, he longs for the church to regain confidence in the power of the proclaimed Word. Married with two children and an excitable poodle, he enjoys winter sports, wine and much in between.

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