P 148 Context-based Learning for Discipleship and Ministry: Introducing the PC3 Approach (2017)


Whether lay or ordained, old or young, new believers or experienced leaders, the way we learn for discipleship and ministry can be enhanced by emulating the ‘training’ the disciples underwent at the side of Jesus, the ultimate teacher.

This illuminating guide explains how the PC³ pathway—based on participation, classroom, context and community—mirrors the learning experience of the first disciples, and can have lasting and tangible benefits for ministry students, youth workers, lay Christians, churches and wider communities.

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Author: Eeva John

Eeva John is Director of Pastoral Studies at Ridley Hall and has experienced context-based learning at Trinity College, Bristol and Westcott House. She worked for the Common Awards for the Church of England, and in relief and development in Africa.

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Author: Michael Volland

Michael Volland is Principal of Ridley Hall. He was Director of Mission at Cranmer Hall and Missioner to the East Durham Mission Project, and was involved in a fresh expression of church while working on the staff of Gloucester Cathedral.

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Author: Robin Barden

Robin Barden is Director of the Institute of Children, Youth and Mission at Ridley Hall. He has held senior youth-work positions and has worked as a substance misuse worker in a maximum security prison.

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