P 145 Challenging Bullying in Churches (2016)


How can churches, which seek to present the love of God to a hungry world, themselves play host to bullying? What can be done to identify the causes, the perpetrators and the mechanics needed to challenge and prevent it? 

This vital booklet focuses on the situation of the person bullied and their response. Based on the assumption that the grace of God can enter every situation, it argues that an exploration of the causes and consequences of bullying can open up new solutions to seemingly intractable situations.

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Author: Rosemary Power

Rosemary Power has been in church work for over thirty years, in ‘fringe’ and social justice work, pilgrimage, retreats and congregational ministry. She writes on contemporary theology, composes liturgies and reflections and, as an academic, writes as a medievalist and folklorist. She is a Member of the Iona Community.

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