P 143 Loneliness: Reaching Out to the Elderly and Isolated (2015)


While the western world enjoys greater life expectancies than ever before, a by-product of a breakdown in social structures is an increased rate of loneliness among the elderly.

The church effectively has a mandate to care for vulnerable people—such as the lonely—in society. This sensitive study suggests that thanks to its community presence and mission to be totally inclusive of all, the local church is in a strong position to combat loneliness, reaching out to show the love of Jesus.

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Author: Peter Rugen

Peter Rugen is a parish priest in charge of three churches in the heart of Cheshire. He is married to Cath, with four grown-up children and one grandchild. He is passionate about church growth and creating community. His interests include logging and Liverpool FC.

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Author: S John Dawson

S John Dawson was a teacher of classics in Liverpool, and then served as a hospital chaplain and Diocesan Officer for Retired Clergy and Clergy Widows. He co-wrote ‘Loneliness’ in the Grove Pastoral series. He has two sons and five grandchildren and continues to love cricket.

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