P 139 Forming the Missional Church: Creating Deep Cultural Change in Congregations


Change is a certainty in the life of any church, although it may be slow in coming to pass. This study argues that far from being resisted, change must be embraced if congregations are to become missional communities that can engage with an increasingly secular society. Combining theological insights with organizational theory, it explores how congregations can find within themselves, and in partnership with God and others, the understanding, the energy and the courage to change.

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Author: Canon Nigel Rooms

Canon Nigel Rooms works in several capacities for the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham including parish ministry in the city of Nottingham. He has recently completed a doctorate in missiology, loves working on his inner-city allotment and is a lifelong supporter of Hull City Football Club. This latter giving him a deep understanding of eschatological hope.

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