P 134 Developing Our Pastoral Wisdom: Reflecting Together on Pastoral Care (2013)


Pastoral care is the outworking of Christian faith. It stands to reason that the best guidebook for practising pastoral care is the Bible, and the best teacher for us to learn from is the one God gave us in his Son, Jesus Christ.

This booklet is a practical guide that examines the life and teachings of Jesus through the lens of pastoral care. Designed for use in a group context, the five studies are suitable for one-off events or as a series, for those with or without prior knowledge of pastoral care.

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Author: The Revd Helen Thorp

Helen is a tutor at Cranmer Hall and The Wesley Study Centre and Associate Priest of Blaydon and Swalwell in the Diocese of Durham. She has offered workshops on loss and bereavement ministry in a variety of ecumenical contexts, both in England and Lesotho.

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