P 120 Ministry Burnout (2009)

Burnout is not a single condition but a syndrome which can include numerous elements, including depression, and is typically marked by emotional exhaustion, detachment and a sense of lack of achievement.

This well-researched study, which also draws on the author’s personal experience, looks at both practical causes and steps towards recovery and prevention, including clarity about role, prioritization and the fit between role and personality. But alongside these practical resources it asks some core questions about identity and purpose: are we working with God or for God? And do we live the truth of the grace of God that we proclaim?
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Author: Geoff Read

Geoff Read is married with two teenage daughters. He was ordained in 1988 and currently ministers among the international English-speaking community in Basel, Switzerland as Chaplain of the Anglican Church there. He has a particular interest in the personal and professional development of clergy.

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