P 118 Betrayals of Trust: Addressing the Impact on Congregations When Leaders Abuse Their Positions (2009)


When a Christian leader, lay or ordained, betrays the trust of a Christian group or congregation, the damage can spread far and wide. What is the best way to handle the feelings of those concerned? Is forgiveness possible? And how long is the path to healing?

These intensely practical questions are addressed here by a combination of experience, careful reflection on what is at stake, and a case study showing how things can be done well. It does not offer a template, but gives guidance on the way forward where hope can be found.

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Author: Deirdre Offord

Deirdre Offord currently works as a Family Mediator for Nottinghamshire Children and Families Mediation Service (Fame). Previously she was Director of Southwell Diocesan Council for Family Care, Chair of Nottingham City Social Services Adoption Panel and for almost a decade Diocesan Child Protection Advisor. She is married to Martyn, has two daughters and is now a grandmother.

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