P 117 Telling Ourselves in Ink: Creative Writing in the Church (2009)

Writing can be a powerful way of expressing ourselves, of meditating on life and organising our thoughts, and even of hearing God speak. But where should we start? How can we encourage others?

This helpful guide sets out the benefits of writing, and goes through the steps of getting started, working with others and how writing can be shared more widely. It invites the reader to embark on what could be a very fruitful journey.
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Author: Corin Child

Corin Child is the Vicar of St John the Evangelist, King's Lynn and a member of the Association of Christian Writers. He has written and performed a number of plays, sketches, poems and songs and and leads occasional writing workshops. His first degree was in English; his MA in Applied Theology included a study of Christian creative writing. He is married with three children.

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