P 115 Coaching in the Church: Leadership and Growing the Skills of Those Around You

How does the church grow leaders? And how do we grow the sort of leaders who grow the gifts and skills of those around them?

This booklet is based on reflections of coaching in various contexts including churches, schools, publishing and mission organizations. It is born out of a deep conviction that coaching, although not named, is something we see happening often in the Bible and provides a God-given way for leaders to grow the gifts and skills of those around them.
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Author: Huw Thomas

Huw Thomas is Headteacher of Emmaus Catholic & Church of England School. He has written widely on leadership and teaching.

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Author: Martyn Snow

Martyn Snow is Area Dean of Ecclesfield and Vicar of Christ Church Pitsmoor?��an inner-city church in Sheffield with a vision for Christian Community for all Nations.

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