P 111 Boys, God and the Church: How Churches Can Help Boys Grow in Faith - and Why They Do Not!

Boys are seriously under-represented in church, and their specific needs seem a current blind spot in mission- shaped thinking. Educationalists are now addressing the underachievement of boys in schools; will churches also accept the challenge to become more boy-friendly?

This impassioned plea from an experienced children's worker sets out some striking reflection followed by an abundance of practical suggestions and ideas. This will be a valuable resource booklet for church leaders, ministers and all who work with boys.
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Author: Nick Harding

Nick has two boys and is currently Children's Officer for Southwell and Nottingham diocese. Previously a teacher, he has worked for several Christian organizations and directed the'Time Travelling' educational project. He regularly leads all-age activities at Spring Harvest and is a Scripture Union trustee. Nick has written many books on children's ministry, and is known for loud trousers and mischievous smile.

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