P 110 Taking Ordinary Theology Seriously (2007)

Where do we look for theology? Who does it, and who owns it? The authors argue that there is such a thing as “ordinary theology.” It exists outside the university and the theological college; nevertheless, it should be taken seriously.

This booklet includes an analysis of interview studies in which regular churchgoers reflect on their beliefs about the person and the power of Christ. Their views raise important issues for the pastoral and educational ministry of the church.
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Author: Ann Christie

Ann Christie is Senior Lecturer in Theology and Ministry, York St John University, and Consultant in Ordinary Theology to NEICE. Her doctoral thesis was entitled'Ordinary Christology: A Qualitative Study and Theological Appraisal' (University of Durham, 2005).

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Author: Jeff Astley

Jeff Astley is Director of the North of England Institute for Christian Education (NEICE) and Honorary Professorial Fellow in Practical Theology and Christian Education, University of Durham. He is the author of'Ordinary Theology: Looking, Listening and Learning in Theology' (Ashgate, 2002) and'Christ of the Everyday' (SPCK, 2007).

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