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MEv 119 Art for Mission’s Sake: Announcing the Gospel Through the Creative Arts (2017)


An extraordinary flourishing of creativity is underway in the life and mission of the church as the arts—especially the visual—are used increasingly in worship and witness. 

This inspiring booklet offers theological foundations, a consideration of the role of the artist in the church and the world, and examples of how the creative arts are faithfully contributing to Christian mission. It urges church leaders to release a fresh generation of artists to express passion, pain, hope and glory in both the church and the world.

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Author: Keir Shreeves

Keir Shreeves is on the clergy team at St Peter’s Brighton, having studied theology at St Mellitus College and King’s College London. He is also Chair of Shift. Before ordination, he qualified as an industrial designer and had a career in manufacturing management. Keir is married to Jessamy, a painter, and together they have two young children. Follow him @keirshreeves.

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