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MEv 140 Using a Missional Framework: How to Discern a Missional Approach in Different Contexts


If the ever-changing context of mission and ministry requires the rethinking of inherited models of church, not their abandonment, how do we decide? How do we discern an approach to church and mission in any given context? 

This insightful booklet does not present definitive answers, but rather offers a framework for finding them. Perhaps the greatest value of the framework lies in its potential for identifying and naming the complexities of mission in post-Christian Britain, seeing contexts not as hostile terrain but as potential places for new expressions of mission praxis.

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Author: Colin Smith

Colin Smith works for the Church Mission Society, where he is involved in training and orientation for mission partners and teaches on the Pioneer Ministry course. Prior to working in Oxford he was in parish ministry in South London and spent 14 years as a mission partner in East Africa.

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