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MEv 136 Making Missional Disciples through Small Groups: Why Small Groups Are Essential for Today (2021)


The impact of the pandemic on church attendance has led many Christian leaders to comment that too many eggs have been placed in the Sunday church basket. 

This inspiring guide suggests that now is the time to prioritize and equip small groups. With widespread loss of confidence in authority figures, the scope for peer influence by Christians has never been greater. Small groups are the ideal setting to foster the discipleship and evangelism required to meet this opportunity.

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Author: Laurence Singlehurst

Laurence Singlehurst is the author of books including ‘Sowing, Reaping, Keeping’ and ‘The Gospel Message Today.’ He is a director of Cell UK, chairman of the trustees for Westminster Theological Centre and a member of the leadership team for Hope Together.

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Author: Trevor Withers

Trevor Withers helps to lead Cell UK, where he has been involved for over 20 years. Passionate about small groups, he has trained small group leaders in churches across the denominations, and has created many small group resources. He leads Network Church in Harpenden and St Albans.

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