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MEv 135 Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us: Perceptions of the Church of England (2021)


In today’s society, many people have no particular sense or feeling about the church. Those who spend their lives serving, leading or wrestling with the church’s mission tend to miss this. Most people do not think about us at all.

Based on recent research, this study examines key themes in the national story of how Christianity and the church are perceived. It urges confidence in the church’s core mission and potential as a unifying force, and courage to communicate the gospel to new spiritual seekers in new ways.

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Author: Stephen Hance

Stephen Hance is the National Lead for Evangelism and Witness for the Church of England. He has previously served as Dean of Derby, Director of Mission for the Diocese of Southwark, and a parish priest. He lives in south London with his wife Jacqui.

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