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MEv 134 Climate Action as Mission: How to Link the Gospel with Safeguarding Creation (2021)


Environmental concerns have sometimes been viewed as detached from the core mission of the church. Yet as a consequence of systemic injustice, and interwoven with poverty and human need, climate change is an issue of particular relevance to Christians.

This powerful guide issues an urgent call for churches to step out and stand alongside people, wherever they might be, to speak up for the Earth as a gift of God, to engage in prophetic activism against unjust structures, and to safeguard the integrity of creation in which in Christ, all is connected.

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Author: Grace Thomas

Grace Thomas is a curate in the Diocese of Manchester, Diocesan Environment Officer and climate campaigner. She is also a tutor at the Luther King Centre, Manchester.

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Author: Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman is a retired priest in the Diocese of Manchester and an activist in Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion.

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