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MEv 133 Mission in a Time of Trauma: How Your Church Can Minister to its Community Through Crisis (2021)


The short- and long-term impacts of trauma on mental and physical health have long been recognized, and will be ever more apparent in a future shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This powerful guide explores how church congregations can pursue mission in a context of loss, suffering and lament. It examines the nature of trauma for individuals and communities, probes the theological basis for a Christian response, and urges congregations to be prepared to offer trauma care ‘for such a time as this.’

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Author: Rhona Knight

Rhona Knight was a GP and medical educator for 25 years. She was ordained in 2016 and led the teaching of pastoral care at Lincoln School of Theology until 2020. She is a pastoral supervisor, spiritual director and theological educator focusing on areas particularly related to trauma and flourishing in ministry.

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