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MEv 127 Forest Church: Earthed Perspectives on the Gospel (2019)


Our evangelistic language can often fail to do justice to the breadth of the good news of Christ, in particular humanity’s care and stewardship of the natural world and the acknowledgment that we are part of a far wider created order. 

This study explores the missional potential for Forest Church to speak to those who find their most profoundly spiritual moments outside, in nature. It examines the theology of connecting with nature, shares insights from practising groups and sets out practical advice on running a Forest Church.

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Author: Cate Williams

Cate Williams is Mission and Evangelism Officer for the Diocese of Gloucester. She co-facilitates Robinswood Forest Church and is a Fresh Expressions Associate. Through both her work and her PhD with Cliff College/Manchester University, she is passionate about holding evangelism holistically alongside social and environmental responsibility.

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