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MEv 125 How to Talk Science and God: Biblical Perspectives on the Big Questions of Life and the Universe (2019)


The idea of conflict between science and religion is common among the wider public, atheists and even some Christians. How can those involved in mission and evangelism counter this misconception?

This illuminating study provides a rich source of apologetics on this debate, from both a biblical and scientific perspective. It explores the accepted science on the origins and workings of the universe and the place of humanity within it, before examining how extraterrestrial life might fit into Christian understandings of God’s creation, mission and revelation.

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Author: Revd David Jeans

David is Principal of Wilson Carlile College of Evangelism, Church Army's college in Sheffield. He helps select and train evangelists for Church Army and is a member of the Training Committee of the Diocese of Sheffield. Until 1996 he was Vicar of Wadsley in north-west Sheffield.

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