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MEv 121 Storying Christian and Muslim Faith Together: Building Relationships through the Stories of the Bible and Qu’ran (2018)


How do we equip Christians to live missionally in the context of multi-faith communities? More importantly, how do we move away from thinking that such witness is the task of specialists?

Based on Prophets’ Stories and the Holy Book Club, two resources for storying between Christians and Muslims, this practical guide offers valuable insight and advice on creating opportunities for deeper listening and faith conversations.

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Author: Georgina Jardim

Georgina Jardim is a Research Associate of the University of Gloucestershire and lnternational Partnership Facilitator at the Centre for Muslim–Christian Studies, Oxford. Her interests are to make scriptural reasoning more accessible, to facilitate deeper engagement between everyday Christians and Muslims and to develop public engagement with Christian faith through the arts.

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Author: Jan Pike

Jan Pike has extensive experience of cross-cultural living and interaction, both overseas in community health and development, and in the UK with nearly 20 years spent teaching English amongst refugee women in Bristol. Her current work and interest involves enabling faith conversations between Muslim and Christian women at grass-roots level.

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