LS 7 What Did Cranmer Think He Was Doing? (1982)

Such a title might suggest some sense of disquiet about Cranmer's work, but in fact is meant to carry no judgmental overtones whatsoever. Quite the reverse. This study is a sober attempt to penetrate the way Cranmer thought, when he handled the questions 'What did Jesus want us to DO "in remembrance of me"?' and 'What am I to do to give liturgical expression to that?'

Thus the historical framework of the times is kept carefully to the minimum consistent with accuracy, in order that Cranmer's working out of his doctrine in his eucharistic liturgies may squarely fill the picture.

The study was first published in 1976 to replace A.H. Couratin's 'The Service of Holy Communion 1549-1662 (SPCK London, 1963), which had gone out of print. Persistent demand has led to several reprints.
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Author: Bishop Colin Buchanan

Colin is a former Bishop of the Church of England, and a widely-respected authority on Anglican liturgical matters.

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